Once again, this is just for fun and isn't associated with CinemaSins in any way. I also recommend reading the original 'Pasta alongside this.

1. Creepypasta makes the assumption that the reader has some familiarity with Disney shorts from the 1930s.

2.'s a test animation? Also, this is why we don't let small children compose the soundtracks to cartoons.

3. Wait, you mean to tell me all this time no one bothered to fast-forward to see if there was any more footage? Or looked at the film strip itself? This was supposedly screened by professional film critics, right?

4. Cartoons involving sentient giant rodents must adhere to the laws of physics. Wait, what?

5.  Are we sure this isn't the Disney version of Reefer Madness and that this isn't just Mickey having a really bad drug-induced trip?

6. And then everyone was mauled by a mechanical bear....Wait, wrong horror franchise.

7. Huh, I guess Disney's Reefer Madness didn't go over well with test audiences.

8. No one has seen it, which is why it's all over the internet.

Total Sin Tally: 8

Punishment: All of the terrible fan-videos on youtube.