How do you think I, Weirdowithcoffee, doing as a chat moderator? Good or bad? Why?

I'd like all your honest opinions. If I'm not doing a good job, please tell me so I can improve. My self-proclaimed job is to make this wiki the best one around and I need input from my friends here at Creepypasta wiki and assistance in doing my job.

When it comes to myself, I think I'm doing an above average job.

My mistakes: getting blocked once (misunderstanding), messing up a few categories, being occasionaly abrasive, and starting a few dramas. I deeply regret all of these.

My successes: being one of the most active mods on chat, having a total of over 4,000 edits, uploading four OC pastas, doing my best to respect other users, enforcing the rules, and correcting any screw ups I see on pages.

So, could you please give me your honest opinion - am I doing good or bad?