I'm going to come out on a whim and say it - I like anime. There have been some very entertaining cartoons like this to come out of Japan. Among them I like One Piece, Fairy Tail, Saki, and probably some other stuff.

That doesn't mean I can't think it's incredibly overrated, though.

Honestly, what is so special about it that everyone sees? I see the entertainment factor, don't get me wrong, but why is it so important to so many people? Why do the majority of Otakus (and deluded weeaboos) get on the defense towards anime? Most people I know who like it act like it's the greatest thing in the world without even stopping to think of it's flaws. Again, this doesn't apply to every Otaku/Weeaboo, just the ones I've seen. There is plenty of things imperfect about anime, and when I see it's insane "Anime God" lunatic fans it makes it more irritating and more embarresing to watch then it should be.

Case in point? Naruto. I love the anime alot but it's fans are just so ridiculously deluded and their entire world is so centered around the anime that I've literally blushed once or twice when caught watching it.

So, can someone please tell me - what is so great and amazing about anime that pretty much everyone creams their pants and goes fanboy/girl over it? I don't understand.