Oh. My. God.

I am quite literally trembling in fury right now.

First of all, this moron's self proclaimed point is completely mangled and mutilated beyond recognition. Don't dare tell me the following argument is incorrect, because I know it isn't - without women, us men would not be *on this planet*. Men and Women are, obviously, both the core aspects to human survival. Without eachother, there would literally be no humans. The misanthropy of this POFS is unmatched. He contradicts his point several times. Hell, the mere fact that he had ENOUGH TIME and EFFORT to make his sexist, chauvinistic and miserable book has downright convinced me that there is no God.

Speaking of God...Also, not only are there dozens upon dozens of scientific facts that contradict his point, there are a few Biblical flaws as well. "Love thy neighbor as thyself" quotes the bible. I don't care if this man is religious or not, he should at least *try* to be a kindhearted person. GOD CREATED PEOPLE FOR. A. REASON.

But that isn't even the thing that bothers me most about this monstrosity. It's the COMMENTS on the video that really irk me to no end. Instead of having about 25,175 dislikes and only 982 likes, it has the OPPOSITE. These lunatics all think that this moron is correct! What the hell?!! Seriously? What the hell?!

Now, don't point me out for "not accepting opinions." I am open to any wide range of beliefs. But if some random moron comes up and tries to shove his meaningless opinion down my throat, that is where my understanding ceases, and I just become pissed off.

The most insulting thing about this, however, is how he says that "women only marry for sex/money". This is a point where it is not only offensive but just a downright freakin' lie. My mother is the most kindhearted person I have ever met in my entire life. You can tell that, just by talking to her, that she is not some kind of sex slut or money scumbag. That comment alone tells me this guy is not only prejudice but also slaps labels onto people.

This piece of trash "video" was overall uncalled for, pathetic, misognystic, prejudice, COMPLETELY incorrect, and an insult to the universe.

Humanity, I fucking hate you.......................