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The new Chatbukai!

Since former Chatbukai ObliterationoftheSelf, Mr.Zalgopasta, MooseJuice, and me, Weirdowithcoffee, have been nominated for chatmods/admins, it is now time for other users to take our place. The four new users I have nominated for Chatbukai are:

Mr. Pengy (482 edits): Great help to the community and great friend to all. Would make perfect Chatbukai, and as he always wanted to be one, I have nominated him.

REDDOT (466 edits): Top notch contributer. Excellent addition to the Chatbukai.

HiddenSpirit (71 edits): Not a whole lot of edits, but a very important chatter, comes on frequently, and a great friend.

KingWaffles (136 edits): Excellent additon to chat. Uses chat frequently and enforces the rules.

The other 3 chatbukai, Furbearingbrick, Jabronis, and Javer80 are still part of the Chatbukai, so go easy on the new guys.

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