(I figured this would be better as a blog post, because the chat does not focus on a single topic and can be a jumbled mess sometimes.)

Here's a question that's been lingering around in my head for the past few days or so - who are your favorite users on Creepypasta wiki? I'd like to hear all your opinions on this.

For me, my favorite users are Mr. Zalgopasta, MooseJuice, HiddenSpirit, OfficialUboa and Javer80. They're all friends of mine but none of them are the same in the slightest, and each have distinctive qualities of their own. Remember that I love all the users here except trolls, so don't be upset if you're left out of the list.

Mr. Zalgopasta: Great taste in music and fellow Chatbukai.

MooseJuice: Great music taste, great Chatbukai and funny guy.

HiddenSpirit: Great friend and like a sibling to me.

OfficialUboa (AKA Trey): Hilarious, fun to talk to, my best friend on the site and the first person I ever met here.

Javer80: Very intelligent, has great arguments, and would make a great chatmod/admin.

So, what do you think your favorite users are? Shoot.

You know, considering the amount of "WHERE AM I" comments on this, I think I made a bit of a mistake with this blog.