A few nights ago, I witnessed something that both baffled me and boiled my blood on the chat room of this wiki - administrators continuously breaking the rules.

To avoid starting drama, I'm not going to call out any names, but a few nights ago (the night when I was incredibly pissed off, if that says anything), I noticed a spike in the chat room of the administrators of this wiki continuously breaking their own rules, throwing derogatory terms, sexual terms and petty insults. Now, I might just be a measly chat moderator, but is THIS really what you want our wiki to represent? Admins violating the rules THEY are responsible for? This is incredibly hypocritical and I will not stand for it. It is nonsense that a new user can be banned without a warning for sexual talk when the admins begin to do the exact same thing after the user is banned. If I were an admin, I would want our wiki to be non-fascist, non-hypocritical, and strict but still fun community that can be enjoyed by everyone. The last thing we want is admins running around and breaking the rules THEY have to be responsible for, and then going on and 1 week banning other users who have done the exact same things. It is incredibly unfair, hypocritical, self aggrandized and non-leader like. I won't stand for it and I want to make this wiki a better place for everyone.