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Hello friends, Weirdo here with a Contest blog.

In this blog, a Contest will unfold (obviously!) You might be thinking "Wait, don't we already have a blog about this?" Well, yes, but this is different. Basically, the first 10 commenters on this blog (doesn't count if you post more than once) who willingly volunteer to be in the contest will be the users who will participate in the contest - There will be a few rounds and a poll for each. Anyone can vote for who has the best avatar, on each round... Whoever wins one round will proceed to the next and then to the finals with their opponent.

Le go!

The contestents have been decided: HomahSamin2024, Awikicontributer, Bill9929, AlixeTiir, ClericofMadness, OfficialUboa, Unclever Name, Ryushusupercat, Mr. Pengy, Bladethepuppet.

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