Don't know if anyone checks these things, but in case some person wonders why I'm not posting anything for a while and decides to look here, there are two reasons:

  1. I'm buying a house. Not to bore anyone, but I'm going to be focusing my attention on all the rigmarole attendent with it. Lots of paperwork and crap like that. Much as I'd like to hand off this kind of responsibility, when you're tying yourself to over £100,000 worth of debt for around 20 years, I figure this does require at least some small amount of consideration and input. ;)
  2. I've signed up for a short story creative writing course in April/May this year. Promised myself for a while I'd finally do this, but bit the bullet before Christmas. Up to now I've been writing from the seat of my pants, since the only creative writing experience I had before was in secondary school. I've been fortunate that some stuff I've written has worked, but some stuff hasn't. I have no idea what I'm going to learn or do in one of these things, but then having no preconceptions is also a good thing I think. Maybe they'll warp my brain and I'll start writing 'Twilight' fanfiction. ;)

Anyway, now you know as much as me. Thanks for visiting and checking up on me; I'm touched. :)

See you all in Candle Cove!