I have to admit, this blog stems from some of the comments on 'When Gods Blink', indicating it's lack of 'creepiness'. That's completely fair, but then that's their opinion and I don't argue with it. For me though, I find all things relating to 'aliens' creepy.

This stems entirely from my, what phrase should I use, complete bastard brothers when I was young and impressionable making me listen to the 'War of the Worlds' LP, plus the evocative album cover and it's inside artwork. An imagination is a wonderful thing, and I've never suffered from boredom, although day dreaming has always been a risk both at school and when driving. As a child though, it's a dangerous thing to feed with the wrong ingredients.

Richard Burton's narration and the haunting cries of 'ULLLLAAAAAAAA!' were not an ideal combination.

As a result I would've nuked Area 51 and followed it up by popping a couple of rounds in the back of ET's head.

...of course, I've mellowed since then, but I still find the idea of aliens, if no longer terrifying, then at the very least, creepy. Hence the tale I suppose. ;)