Currently there is an ongoing battle between the half started story ideas in my head and partially begun on my Google Drive, and the opportunity to just say "F**k it" and have fun on my PS4.

At the last count, the PS4 is winning.

Not that I think this is entirely a bad thing. I'm mostly of the belief if I'm not enjoying writing and it has to be forced, then usually not much good comes from it. My better works seem to stem from when the mood is there and they're virtually writing themselves. In other words, if the focus is there and you're lost in the story you're writing, then it's a joy and not a chore. Isn't that why you do hobbies anyway? How many people willingly put nails into their hands for example (people into S&M need not reply). :)

At the moment then on my Google Drive sit three unfinished stories - one about sleep, one about the Devil, and one a partially begun follow on to "When Gods Blink" (which I'm trying to decide whether to carry on with or leave the original well enough alone rather than possibly ruin it with a poorly thought out sequel).

There's also another story roaming around the corridors of my mind playfully entitled "Asshole!", but if I start it, that title may have to change (or not, depending on how appropriate or childish I'm feeling at the time). :)

As of now though, I think I'll complete my latest PS4 title, and then revisit the Google Drive. Some time away is also a good thing I think - being too close to your work can cloud your viewpoint on it, and your own fresh eyes can be just as good as someone elses at times.

Have fun with your own writing/reading/commenting/trolling/frippery/whatever people! :)