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  • CharminglyShallow

    Why so quiet?

    January 21, 2015 by CharminglyShallow

    Don't know if anyone checks these things, but in case some person wonders why I'm not posting anything for a while and decides to look here, there are two reasons:

    1. I'm buying a house. Not to bore anyone, but I'm going to be focusing my attention on all the rigmarole attendent with it. Lots of paperwork and crap like that. Much as I'd like to hand off this kind of responsibility, when you're tying yourself to over £100,000 worth of debt for around 20 years, I figure this does require at least some small amount of consideration and input. ;)
    2. I've signed up for a short story creative writing course in April/May this year. Promised myself for a while I'd finally do this, but bit the bullet before Christmas. Up to now I've been writing from the s…
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  • CharminglyShallow

    I initially thought of using this blog piece as a place to put my 'UPDATES' from my front page, since it seemed a better place to hold them, but then it also dawned on me it would be an excellent place to take a moment and just look and see how the tales I've written so far have fared once 'released into the wild' :

    • The Cold Shoulder

    My first and only really 'short' story, of which I'm still rather proud. It sits largely ignored, which is a shame since I really rather like it.

    • Something in the Garden

    My second story, and the first time I came across the situation where I'd been treading the ground of an existing creepypasta and not knowing it (I was still new to creepypastas at the time). Rightfully then it was refused entry, although I might …

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  • CharminglyShallow

    I have to admit, this blog stems from some of the comments on 'When Gods Blink', indicating it's lack of 'creepiness'. That's completely fair, but then that's their opinion and I don't argue with it. For me though, I find all things relating to 'aliens' creepy.

    This stems entirely from my, what phrase should I use, complete bastard brothers when I was young and impressionable making me listen to the 'War of the Worlds' LP, plus the evocative album cover and it's inside artwork. An imagination is a wonderful thing, and I've never suffered from boredom, although day dreaming has always been a risk both at school and when driving. As a child though, it's a dangerous thing to feed with the wrong ingredients.

    Richard Burton's narration and the haunti…

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  • CharminglyShallow

    Currently there is an ongoing battle between the half started story ideas in my head and partially begun on my Google Drive, and the opportunity to just say "F**k it" and have fun on my PS4.

    At the last count, the PS4 is winning.

    Not that I think this is entirely a bad thing. I'm mostly of the belief if I'm not enjoying writing and it has to be forced, then usually not much good comes from it. My better works seem to stem from when the mood is there and they're virtually writing themselves. In other words, if the focus is there and you're lost in the story you're writing, then it's a joy and not a chore. Isn't that why you do hobbies anyway? How many people willingly put nails into their hands for example (people into S&M need not reply). :) …

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  • CharminglyShallow

    First blog, and mainly because default pages look a bit miserable really, like moving into a new house and not changing the wallpaper I suppose. It feels a bit…..temporary otherwise I guess.

    Uh oh…too many dots in the first ellipsis…oh the shame! :)

    Sorry, but I like to mess around with the number of dots. I didn’t even know of the word ‘ellipsis’ until a couple of months ago. I’ve since tried to reduce the number of times I use ‘…’, since people are right, too many and it does ruin the flow of the story, but I do argue the other way that breaking the ‘three dot rule’ gives a writer some control over the length of a pause, but only in a narrative.

    Anyway, as on my front page I suppose you’d call it, I explained what brought me here. Basically…

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