So the title may be very weird and sound worse than it really is. But I made a post yseterday about how I have a tumor in my right breast. It's begnin and called fibroadenoma. I had another ultrasound on Thursday to check it out since it started hurting a lot. I got the results yesterday. They found that it's growing, so I have to go to the Yale Breast Center to "explore my options". I'm not really sure how I feel. I mean, it's not deadly or anything, it's just that I'm most likely going to have to get it removed, and I've never had surgery before so I'm kind of nervous. Will it make my breast look weird? Will there be bad scarring? Will my breast feel weird? Maybe this is getting a bit personal, but I like talking up here. I'm not sure if anybody reads this stuff, but if you're reading this, thanks.