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I really don't like being in school. I'm currently a senior and will be graduating in a few weeks, but my school is the kind where they want us working up to the very last day and I just need a break, you know? No more research projects, no more essays, no more lab reports, no more calculus problems, no more. I have a tumor in my right breast. It's benign, but it's growing and it hurts. It's called fibroadenoma. Apparently it's more apparent in black, teenage girls, which I am. I just can't wait to be done. I can graduate and be off to cosmetology school. Start a life separated from the regular public school system. I got accepted to eight 4-year colleges and even got a couple scholarships, but I was never really excited for college. I would go on multiple tours and visits. There was only one I really loved, but even with the money they gave me, it turned out to be too expensive. But cosmetology is my true passion. I'm really excited to start. With a lesser work load, I hope to be able to go back to writing more poems and stories. And even read more. Nowadays, I come home so tired, I just eat, watch TV, and sleep. So not healthy lol. But yeah, I'm really excited for the future. School's just in the way.


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