Hello all who may read this, as you can guess from the title I am writing this with a simple question in mind. Throughout the stuff that is usually posted in this group a lot of it is OCs that seem related to Jeff The Killer and Slenderman. My question is simply what is the appeal of these two in general?

Jeff The Killer's original writer has never really come forward and the original story was so removed from things that could actually happen that it just wasn't great. It was recently rewritten since the character is essentially open source due to no one claiming(people tried to but had no proof) to actually own it. Originally the character was some 13 year old killer who killed his bullies that some how got their hands on firearms and hopped over a fence into a child's birthday party on skateboards and began opening fire. Yes, that was in the original story which is why I personally think it was horrible as that isn't possible considering two of the three weren't physically fit(one being fat and the other being skinny as all hell). Over all I am unsure why he as a character is so appealing, which is the question for him. What do you personally find so appealing about the character?

As for Slenderman, the version of him people seem to like more is the one with proxies. However, that one in particular is known as The Operator and isn't actually Slenderman. There is also Mark Slender who is a different character entirely and appears in Haunt and he too is also not Slenderman. The actual Slenderman, as he is a character who isn't open source, belongs to Eric Knudsen aka Victor Surge and was created for a contest on the somethingawful forums. The character itself is copy righted and the things people seem to enjoy about him aren't even him or canon in the sense that they were not approved or acknowledged by the person who actually holds the copyright. Now, this is a character I actually do like but for the reasons of there is actually something imposing about him in general. But my question is simple, again. What about him do you personally appealing about the character? Do you like the actual Slenderman or just things others have done with him such as The Operator?

I will answer my own questions rather simply right here. I do not find Jeff The Killer appealing, I actually find him rather bland and poorly done. He could have been much more than he was with a more original name and a story that actually seemed possibly instead of far removed from reality.

I like Slenderman, as done by Eric Knudsen because there is something imposing about him. I dislike the one that appears in the games simply because that one isn't well done. The way I imagine him done and the way he seems to be done by Eric is he is something you can see out of the corner of your eye. Something you'd never actually get a good look at unless it wanted you to. It wouldn't need some others to do it's work for it as it seems like something that would make sure there was no loose ends. A good example in my mind is that there would be no electrical distortion like the games show as it seems like the kind of thing that would destroy the camera in it's entirety so no images of it could come to surface.