The game that pretty much defines my childhood is a Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, but as I have grown older and thought about this game, it is a truly saddening and depressing game. Allow me to explain my reasoning.

Skull Kid meets two fairy's who quickly become his friends, his only friends since the 4 giants left him. He ends up stealing a mask from the Happy Mask Salesman after killing him(which explains his vanishing at the end and being one of the only people that the time reverse doesn't affect), the fairys are so close to him that they see nothing wrong with this and continue to stay with him during his descent into madness.

Whether it his is lust for power or his anger at Link, he calls the moon to come crashing into the planet which will not only kill himself, all of the people in Termina, Link, and anything else, it will prove that the mask has won and made him destory what he cared about without hinderence.

Each time Link turns back the time after doing something, whether it be one of the area's or one of the things within clock town, people, animals, and everything die. Until the point where you have gained the power to call all the giants to stop the moon from falling, each time rewind ends with everyone in Termina dying. Link alone is unable to keep everyone from dying. He is powerless to stop the moon, which is why he needs the four giants. One of the giants alone can't stop the moon as they aren't strong enough alone either, which is why each one has each other, a friend.

The Deku kingdom is ready to kill someone for a crime they didn't commit. The Gorons await for someone who may never come, placing all their faith in his arrival. The Zora's mourn for the loss of their singer and guitar player. The Ikana sprits fight a war that ended long ago. The People of Clock Town are ignorant to the moon that is about to crush them all.