Alright, so as you can tell by the title, this is going to be a few things. So let's knock a few of them off in quick succession, shall we?

Alright, so I moved out earlier this year to live with a friend and got a job for all of 6 months. In June I moved back home because my little sister was/is supposedly dying. We know she has Type 1 Diabetes and possibly celiac however we do not know much else. I currently take care of her to the degree of helping her count carbs for her insulin and walking her to school everyday.

I was working on a number of stories at the moment with those stories being: Hunters and Hunger, <Insert Title Here>, and a few others. Sadly I lost them due to doing a factory reset of my computer without really thinking so I am working on getting the progress I have for them back if it means rewriting some pages. While playing Vindictus I got an idea for not a story involving just me but a group story which will be explained in this same post when I get to the ideas bit.

So, also in the title is a QnA so I wanna set up a few ground rules to that so some schenanigans can be avoided. Rather than just doing a list by number I am just gonna explain it. I will answer almost any question that is asked of me as long as it does not make me uncomfortable, digs into my personal life, and is an actual question. If I choose not to answer your question for any reason, I will simply reply pass. Anyone can ask any number of questions so feel free.

Alright, back to the idea I got while playing Vindictus. I was playing it while explaining to someone over a call what a creepypasta is when it dawned on me. A creepypasta is like a horror story told around a bonfire. That combined with the game brought me to a simple picture. It'd be a fantasy setting, with dragons, goblins, demons and so on(no magic 'cause that could easily become a catastrophe) but would feature a group of adventures. These adventurers would all come from different backgrounds and different places but would have all met while working on the same bounty. Instead of fighting they make it a race, however before the race begins(and this is where the multiple writers come into play) they'd be drinking whatever they please and tell stories around a bonfire. The stories would take place in the same lore and would be more akin to some great feat the individual adventurer has accomplished yet has gone unrecognized for. If people are actually interested in being apart of something like that just let me know because even if no one is really interested, I will probably end up doing it anyway.