Alright, out of exhaustion and the over all boredom of this early morning where I have yet to sleep for some reason, I came to the conclusion that an easy way to help expand some people's horizons for things to write about. It might just be simply that some of our newer friends/writers might not know about some cryptids that some of us may know and enjoy greatly. They might not also be familiar with some of the less well known stories here, so I figure we could plug some of those with some of our favorite cryptids.

One of my favorite cryptids is the Wendigo. From what I know it isn't relatively well known except to those who watch the TV show Supernatural which doesn't do the cryptid justice. I know Until Dawn has Wendigos as well but that game was a rather shitty. That showed the two Wendigos being caused by isolation.

The Wendigos I like are creatures of greed and cannabilism. Their skin is usually an ash grey in colour. They reek of death and decay. The ash grey skin pulled tightly to their bones. Usually most of their lips are missing and the bit that remains is bloody and tattered. The Wendigo's are often associated with the north, the cold, winter, and starvation. Unlike both mediums mentioned before the creatures are ruthless. They are gluttoness, never satisfied with just one person. They do not save people for later, they kill what they eat and they eat it immedietly. They don't take time to digest and immedietly start seeking for their next victim.

Honestly. I don't know if I've ever read a Wendigo story on here, but honestly I think it'd be interesting to see what other people's takes on it are. I want to see if someone can get closer to what the original idea of the creature was. I think it'd be a wonderful read if pulled off correctly.

Now, for the other part. For those who are newer here, I am going to give a quick list of stories I'd personally recommend. For those who have been here for a while, some of these you may not know so give them a read as well.

Psychosis, NoEnd House, My Daughter, "P" Is for "Phobia", and finally Fetish. That last one I am not sure if it is still on the wiki but honestly if you can find it you should read it or listen to it. One you should listen to since I know it isn't on here is the story Addiction as read by the youtuber Scarecrow1719. The reading of it is right here.