So, I was scrolling through old forum posts when I came across the chat closing for good one. It dawned on me that it has been quite a while on chat being gone so I just wanted to give my thoughts on that and get yours.

Personally, I am glad that it is gone. As an old chat mod and such, I can safely state as much as I liked seeing the place and going there to talk to people, it was a cesspool of stupidity and elitism that no single person could fix. Mods and admins were at each others throats, certain users were very good at causing trouble without breaking any rules. Mods and admins alike had their own thoughts on which rules meant what and what passed as different things that were apart of the rules making the issues even worse because there was no consistency for people to follow. Some people would get banned for sex/fetish talk by one mod only for others to unban them saying it wasn't sex talk because no one established what it was. The rules were supposed to be rigid and easy to understand but that only made it harder to for people in charge of helping guide the direction of chat and be examples for the users on proper behavior have a harder job as again, every single mod and admin had different thoughts on what was bannable and what was not.

You had admins threatening/hinting at certain mods being demoted which would cause an increase in tension, no one really communicated(which is ironic because chat was an instant communcation tool) about how each mod and admin could improve so everything seemed to come out of nowhere whenever someone was demoted or a demotion thread was made, since no one made suggestions or simply had a discussion with the person for how they could become better at what they were supposed to do. You had people openly being hostile and/or antagonizing others while knowing full well that the person did not like it yet since they were not breaking any rules directly (and would argue that to high hell), nothing could be done to end it since they danced around the rules.

Chat was a great idea and had lots of potential to be something great but was ultimately doomed to failure since day one by multiple issues that were only made more and more apparent as time went on. The constant rewriting of the rules with only few peoples knowledge is a good example, as well as people doing shady things with their bot and alternate accounts that would only cause future distrust towards them. Ultimately, I am glad chat is gone and things have seemed to improve here significantly community wise since chat has been removed. I do not think chat should return and I am almost 100% certain it will stay gone, and I could not be happier about that.

Please, feel free to share your thoughts on this, as I'd like to here what you have to say. I'd just ask that you do not point fingers at any one person in particular as it is the fault of a lot of us that chat is gone and what things went wrong. If you were in chat at some point and did something, there is a good chance you contributed to at least one of the things listed above so leave names out of it.