Question #1: What is your name?

Well, the answer to this question should be fairly obvious. My name is ChaoZStrider or Lucas Dusk Anderson. I suffer from MPD and my other personality, Lucy Ashley Anderson, will NOT be using this account any longer(I am in the middle of seeing if it would be possible for Lucy to have her own account, so she would not be a moderator)

Question #2: How long have you been a mod?

I was a mod for a year and 41 days before my demotion(the thread for which no longer exists on this wiki, not even archived)

Question #3: Why should you have your rights reinstated?

I was one of our morning/evening chat moderators when there were few others on. Another user, Mystreve, refered to me as our security camera since I seemed to be on and active almost all the time.

Now, the thread that got me demoted in the first place was created by Fatal Disease and he brought up a few points, I will do my best to cover the points he made without even having a way to see the thread any longer so if a few things are missing, let me know and I will cover that too.

One of the things Fatal pointed out is that I made a few jokes involving the mental disability known as dyslexia. The joke in question was "a dyslexic walks into a bra." Now, this joke is not as bad as many other jokes told by my fellow users in chat but was apparently still enough for Fatal to mention. In all honesty, when I told the joke, no one made a huge deal about it.

Fatal also mentioned in the demotion thread he made for me is that I made a rather NSFW threat. However, this threat was not meant seriously and in the discussion it was involved in, I used it as an example of the creative threats I give to my friends irl. Devincooper64 knows the threat I am talking about and absolutely hates it despite me not knowing him irl. Again, I believe in the screenshot Fatal posted it was just the threat out of context. That could, in turn, be considered forging evidence.

The catalyst, which actually caused for my demotion thread was Lucy attacking fellow chat moderator Wolfenmaus while she was drunk. Since, as I stated before, Lucy will no longer be using this account(as I am seeing if I can get Lucy her own account as is) so I don't think this should ever be an issue.

Now, on to the point. Why should I have my chat moderator rights reinstated? Well, I am fairly active in chat, I am on very often. I know and am well versed with our chat rules. Every problem I have with another moderator or user is discussed and handled quickly and quietly, resorting to taking it to PM if people see the situation as causing drama.