Welcome, <insert name here>, to my guide to the creepypasta wiki. You may be a new member here or you may be an old member, either way, welcome. The objective of this guide is to clear up confusion and hopefully stop a lot of people from getting angry or sarcastic answers to questions. I plan on covering things that people who are new to the wiki may find interesting or really need to know, such as: Deletion Appeal, Chat, Forums, Blog Posts, and what each position on this wiki means from people they will meet(such as Chat Moderators, VCROC/Moderators, Admins, and Bcrats). If this guide clears up some things but not some other questions you may or may not have, please feel free to ask them below and I am sure someone will be able to give you an answer. To those who do answer people's questions, don't be dicks about it, and same goes for the people asking them. 

Deletion Appeal

Now, if you have had a story deleted there are several ways to get an answer to why it was deleted as well as how to get it back on the wiki. To find out why it was deleted, I would suggest asking  the person who deleted it why it was deleted on their talk page. Be nice about it and I am sure you will get an answer the moment the person can, and for those of you that can not, I have typed a nice simple little thing you can use below.

"Hello, <insert admin's name here>,  I am <insert name here> and I am curious to why my pasta called <insert pasta name here> was deleted. It would be very helpful if you could answer this question as soon as you possibly can, as I am very curious. (insert four ~ here to add your signature so they have an easy link to your page)"

After you have obviously found out why your story was deleted, there are multiple steps you can take to get it back on here. I would recommend putting it as it is a wiki meant to critque and help authors improve their stories if they were deleted from here. After the people on chaospasta tell you that your story is really good and have helped it get better, you are ready to put it on Deletion Appeal which can be found here, . When posting your Appeal on there, make sure to add a signature, be nice, and include a link to the story so the admin can look it over.

"I wish to have my story reuploaded. This is due to the fact that upon uploading, I found immediate formatting errors. I went back into my story to reformat the story and make it into the original paragraphs that it was. This was a good ten seconds after publishing the story. By the time I had made the formatting changes, the story had already been deleted. I was given less than two minutes to fix the formatting on the story.

Being on hiatus has made me unfamiliar with the new unwritten rules of the Wiki. I was told that it is a huge no-no to reupload a story after it has been deleted. I saw to reupload the story and fix the errors that were flawing the original. But even after I had solved the problem, the story was deleted because it was a reupload of a story.

I thought there was supposed to be a warning before a story was deleted that gave authors time to fix their content before it was deleted in great haste. If this method is no longer used, I was not informed. I also would like to point out that I had great trouble finding the written rule about being blocked after a story was uploaded twice.

I can assure you that there was nothing wrong with my story other than the formatting issue I dealt with.

I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity. (talk) 13:41, February 20, 2014 (UTC) " Is a prime example of what to do when you want your deletion appeal to be accepted, much like this one was.

Remember, make sure it is under it's own header or the admins will not look it over.

for people who think this is TL;DR, here is simple list.

1. Admin's Talk Page for the reason why it was deleted.

2. If it is was a quality reason, for it to be critqued and for help improving it

3. Deletion Appeal.


The chat on this wiki, while it is usually off topic, can be very helpful. Some members of chat can be complete and total assholes while others are really nice and polite. Now, before you join chat, I would recommend reading the Chat Guidelines so that you do not get banned for doing things that are against the rules. If you don't understand any of the rules, Private Message anyone in the userlist with a star next to their name and they will help you to the best of their abilities. If they can't explain something, either ask a different mod or get them to recommend someone who may know.

On a little side note, there are some rules in chat that are not in the chat rules that you should follow. Too much sex talk and causing drama on another wiki and bringing it here, or it being brought to us is another. Both can get you banned from chat.


The forums are away to get multiple answers to larger questions, to talk about off topic things more indepth, to see adminsration announcements. Each forum section has it's own title and tag line so you know which board is which. In each board are threads where people will answer each others questions,  and vote upon things.

Blog Posts

Blog posts can be used for your individual announcements, guides(such as this one), or to rant or to discuss things on your own. Blogs are not to be used as a place to post yours stories as such things are called blogicles and doing so will get you blocked.

User Premissions and Positions

On this wiki you will find many users who are not ordinary users. So in this section I will summarize each position that you will encounter.

Users: Users are the life blood of the wiki, you are our editors, our story writers, our voters, and much more. You are vital to the operation of this wiki despite not having much more then the basic tools at your disposal. You are the cog in the machine that is our wiki, without users, our wiki would not function.

Chat Moderators: Chat moderators are not to be seen as police in chat nor are they to be seen as above the users, chat moderators enforce the rules fairly, they keep chat running smoothly within itself, and they are guides to the wiki. We will try our best to help you out.

VCROCS/Moderators: VCROCS are editors and will so be able to do deletion appeal. They, just like the rest of the positions on this wiki, are very important.

Admins: They can view deleted pages, they choose what stays and what goes, they bring back pages, they read deletion appeals. If you see an admin in chat or on the forums, be sure to be nice and thank them for their great work as they rarely do get thanked.

Bcrats: They are the heads of this wiki, what they say goes. However, they love the communities opinion on every matter. They are very wonderful people, all of them. Thank them for what they do, and treat them like you would your own parents. Both Bcrats and Sysops appoint admins, rollbacks, chat moderators, and vcrocs. Bcrats can also only be demoted by the person who holds the position or wikia staff.


Now I hope this guide helps with your endeavors on the wiki and if you have any questions, do feel free to ask below and be nice about it. I will post updated versions of this if a lot of people ask the same question.