I am starting what is known as a book of shadows, the goal of this is to write parts of this with my thoughts as much as possible. So, with that here is my little to do list:

1. Edit and Rewrite any Creepypasta's I do not have on this site before posting them

2. Inquire about becoming a mod and the requirements for it.

3. Learn German

4. Do one collaboration with another user on the site as my first posted creepypasta

5. Start my youtube series: the Eyes of Strider

6. Get another test by a professional to see if my mentally instability is getting better or worse.

7. Get better from this cold

8. Get a new laptop so I can edit better

Lately I have been spending a lot of time playing a game known as Rusty Hearts and Battle of the Immortals with my friend, Zwei(I will not post his actual name here without his approval). I have been listening to a lot of drowning pool and contemplating more on my mental status as I am sure things are starting to wear on my mind. If things get worse and my mental instability is getting worse, I will prehaps inquire about medication though anything but a pill because I refuse to take those.

If anyone wants to help with any of those things or want to be apart of "the Eyes of Strider", just inform me either by commenting on here or emailing me at