Grimlocke Challenge

Grimlocke Rules:

  • Sub in a Dark and/or Ghost type for your starter via hack. Starter must be released. (No Legendaries)
  • Only three potions of any kind per battle. The Elite 4 (champion excluded), you are only allowed to use 3 the entire time.
  • 2 status healing items per battle. The Elite 4(champion excluded), you are only allowed use 2 the entire time.
  • Must catch the first pokemon you see on any route. Safari Zone and Fishing are exempt to this rule. Surfing is not.
  • Any pokemon that dies must be released. No revives are to be used.
  • However, if your pokemon dies in a pokemon graveyard of any sort, it is allowed to be replaced with a ghastly, level 5.
  • Ghost type Pokemon that die in a pokemon graveyard may not be replaced with a ghastly, for obvious reasons.
  • Pokemon that evolve by trade now evolve at level 35.
  • If a pokemon that evolves by trade dies in it's final stage of evolution within a pokemon graveyard, it can't be replaced.
  • No Mercy Rule: If your starter dies, it dies.
  • Nickname every pokemon you catch.

Grimlocke Challenge Origins:

Grimlocke Challenges were created by ChaoZStrider for his own personal entertainment after he tried a couple Nuzlocke challenges. He found that some of the rules he had created were harsh while others were simple, making it a good mix as well as entertaining.