Hey guys, Lucy here. Now, I am working on an idea. Basically, the idea is for a story I want to write. I have told some people(Kyokyo) about it but I need some other characters, paticular people to be in the role of the "Felines" which I will get to explaining in a bit. Currently, the story is in rough shape, by that I mean I have an idea, and some what of a plot.

The idea goes like this:

Criminals who get the life sentence are imprisoned and forced to run a maze/obstacle course for survival. At the end of the maze are four genetically modified people who are far from being human anymore and are now known as Felines. In order to "Win" the maze, you must kill one feline or kill a specified number of competitors. The criminals, however, are split up into 3 groups, which are:

Pups: Pups are criminals who just got convicted or lost the maze but didn't die.

Gundogs: Gundogs are criminals who have won the maze and killed one feline. They have recieved genetically augmentations such as enhanced muscles(in legs and arms), increased hearing, increased sight and smell, as well as weapons.

Wolves: Wolves have one the maze and killed plenty of felines and other competitors, but are in small number. Due to the small number of them, all of them enter the maze each time, if one dies, they lose one member until a gundog to rise to their ranks. Also because of their small numbers, the wolves act like one pack where as Pups and Gundogs act both independantly and in small groups.

If you guys want to create a character or want to add onto the idea, please do so in the comments. If you want or need any more information, also ask in the comments.