Well, it has been a while since I made one of these but I figured I might as well make one since I am banned from chat(I honestly don't think I should be. I was being civil when all I assured people that this is all according to the plan Cleric outlined) and I think it is a good thing I am updating you guys on some things.

I will be moving soon, so when the day the move actually comes, I might vanish for a while because it is not guranteed that the house I am moving into will have wifi. I will also be moving away from my family soon as well so it might be one short move right after the other, when I do move away from my family I will be moving in with a friend and will be trying to get a job almost immedietly when I move in so I will obviously be on less and less.

People have been asking about CiD a bit in chat, and I honestly don't know what to say. We haven't started writing it, I know we don't have the lore completely written down and that is something that needs to happen if we want to go with the original plan still. The original plan was to give a lot of people the lore and the general story that is going on and have them write characters based on themselves and stories that fits in to the over all lore, however because of how convoluted and discrete we have been with all this, I don't think that is possible. I may or may not talk to some of the people that were involved in the planning process of CiD and see if they would be okay with me just throwing CiD back into first version of the lore we had and mix it with something else before telling everyone about it in a blog post or something with a site where the lore will be written out in more detail before telling people to go nuts and do the original plan.

Currently, Cleric is Dead is sci-fi while originally it was fantasy, so I am sure that gives you guys an idea of how much the lore has changed over time. If most of the people who were involved are okay with it, it would go back to being a fantasy story and I would probably mix it with the lore of some other things I am working on or was a part of.