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Book Of Shadows - Feeling Alone

The past couple days I've been, well, feeling alone. See, I lost a lens in my glasses so I have to go to my grandmothers to pick them up on monday. I have been straining my eyes to see so I can still moderate chat and talk to people, but as I do this I've noticed something. Even with all my siblings being around and me never having a moment of peace and quiet to myself, I still feel alone. 

It is the straining my eyes that finally brought this to my attention, as when I can't do it anymore and the text gets blurry again.. .I monentarly have no one to talk to about things that matter or don't mater. I don't talk to my siblings because our interests are so different. I talk to you guys because you guys have been there for me, you guys are here for me when I need you the most, even if I don't tell you I do.

When I first joined chat on this site, that year and several months ago, I was looking for someone, anyone to talk to. See, on that day I was contemplating death, I came here and felt something I hadn't felt in a while. You guys made me feel welcome, sure, right away I was nervous but it was easily broken through. Without even knowing my name you guys helped me through what might have been the time my attempt worked and made sure I didn't even try. What makes that mean so much to me is that you guys didn't even know that is why I came here, I never told anyone. You guys just welcomed me and me feel at home.

While I still feel alone right now, and I will probably never get to truly thank you with the hugs you all deserve for making me feel all warm inside, I want to thank you.

So thank you guys for doing what so few have done before. Thank you for saving my life and thank you for making me feel like I matter. 

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