As the blog title says, this is a bit of an explanation of who I am, or was rather, for our new users and staff. I am ChaoZStrider, or Lucas. I used to be a chat moderator way back when this site still had a chat. I was used on in the late day until the early morning as a night moderator.  Whether I was a good one or not is up to debate and opinion both of which is so old I don't really care to revisit.

I had a few stories posted here and a couple posted on reddit under the Shortscarystories board. Back when this wiki was deleting stories like Sonic.exe and Jeff the Killer as well as the slimebeast stories(due to copyright) I ran interference on dA as according to I believe Guy (his username was something like Imgoingtobethatguy) I was pretty good at explaining the actions in a way that was both truthful and not negative with decent explanations since the users there at the time (and still some of them today) liked to believe everything we did was out of hate.

As for who I was on here, I was your typical moderator. A bit of no nonsense but loved to joke around, I had an clear understanding of the rules as well as a bit of my own moral code. I am not the best editor as you can tell by my edits so I tended to avoid doing so as I was unsure if my grammar as well as spelling would be an issue due to both being a Canadian and bending grammar rules a bit to fit my story, which I would call an author's liscence.

I was demodded before chat was deleted, three times in total but two of them I refuse to call actual demotions due to the general reason for them. I will not lie but those two demotions by one of the admins at the time who will not be named did leave me with a bit of a bitter view of him as I saw it as him bending the rules and using his powers to get a point across when he assumed I was doing that was something I was not suppose to.

After my final demotions I was hear less frequently as I felt some of the other moderators at the time were not suitable moderators and proved it to me a couple times. One of them going so far as to ban me hours after something happened that was absolutely fine by both the active moderator at the time as well as an admin who was on and PMed about during the situation. I did come back after the ban was over but spent more time watching and reading it than actually talking as I wanted to see what if I believed to be true was infact true. It had been proven to me a couple times after my ban that the moderators that I had worked with before were mostly unacceptable mods because some broke the rules themselves and others simply didn't care for them.

If anyone who reads this remembers a user known as Maria and her selfmade chat logger, I was the one who alerted our lord and tentasavior Clericofmadness to it logging personal information said by people as well as it doing the following: saving the logs to a different source, having commands that only she could use for it to get such information for it in PM, actively searching the old logs for personal information while saving any said by anyone in chat, and creating personal profiles of each person in chat for Maria's own use. She and her bot were both blocked soon after this information was given to Cleric.