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April 8, 2012
  • ChaoZStrider

    As the blog title says, this is a bit of an explanation of who I am, or was rather, for our new users and staff. I am ChaoZStrider, or Lucas. I used to be a chat moderator way back when this site still had a chat. I was used on in the late day until the early morning as a night moderator.  Whether I was a good one or not is up to debate and opinion both of which is so old I don't really care to revisit.

    I had a few stories posted here and a couple posted on reddit under the Shortscarystories board. Back when this wiki was deleting stories like Sonic.exe and Jeff the Killer as well as the slimebeast stories(due to copyright) I ran interference on dA as according to I believe Guy (his username was something like Imgoingtobethatguy) I was pret…

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  • ChaoZStrider


    March 31, 2016 by ChaoZStrider

    Alright, out of exhaustion and the over all boredom of this early morning where I have yet to sleep for some reason, I came to the conclusion that an easy way to help expand some people's horizons for things to write about. It might just be simply that some of our newer friends/writers might not know about some cryptids that some of us may know and enjoy greatly. They might not also be familiar with some of the less well known stories here, so I figure we could plug some of those with some of our favorite cryptids.

    One of my favorite cryptids is the Wendigo. From what I know it isn't relatively well known except to those who watch the TV show Supernatural which doesn't do the cryptid justice. I know Until Dawn has Wendigos as well but that …

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  • ChaoZStrider

    What is the appeal?

    February 17, 2016 by ChaoZStrider

    Hello all who may read this, as you can guess from the title I am writing this with a simple question in mind. Throughout the stuff that is usually posted in this group a lot of it is OCs that seem related to Jeff The Killer and Slenderman. My question is simply what is the appeal of these two in general?

    Jeff The Killer's original writer has never really come forward and the original story was so removed from things that could actually happen that it just wasn't great. It was recently rewritten since the character is essentially open source due to no one claiming(people tried to but had no proof) to actually own it. Originally the character was some 13 year old killer who killed his bullies that some how got their hands on firearms and hop…

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  • ChaoZStrider

    Chat Thoughts

    November 17, 2015 by ChaoZStrider

    So, I was scrolling through old forum posts when I came across the chat closing for good one. It dawned on me that it has been quite a while on chat being gone so I just wanted to give my thoughts on that and get yours.

    Personally, I am glad that it is gone. As an old chat mod and such, I can safely state as much as I liked seeing the place and going there to talk to people, it was a cesspool of stupidity and elitism that no single person could fix. Mods and admins were at each others throats, certain users were very good at causing trouble without breaking any rules. Mods and admins alike had their own thoughts on which rules meant what and what passed as different things that were apart of the rules making the issues even worse because th…

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  • ChaoZStrider

    Alright, so as you can tell by the title, this is going to be a few things. So let's knock a few of them off in quick succession, shall we?

    Alright, so I moved out earlier this year to live with a friend and got a job for all of 6 months. In June I moved back home because my little sister was/is supposedly dying. We know she has Type 1 Diabetes and possibly celiac however we do not know much else. I currently take care of her to the degree of helping her count carbs for her insulin and walking her to school everyday.

    I was working on a number of stories at the moment with those stories being: Hunters and Hunger, , and a few others. Sadly I lost them due to doing a factory reset of my computer without really thinking so I am working on gettin…

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