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    Hey guys, Lucy here. Now, I am working on an idea. Basically, the idea is for a story I want to write. I have told some people(Kyokyo) about it but I need some other characters, paticular people to be in the role of the "Felines" which I will get to explaining in a bit. Currently, the story is in rough shape, by that I mean I have an idea, and some what of a plot.

    The idea goes like this:

    Criminals who get the life sentence are imprisoned and forced to run a maze/obstacle course for survival. At the end of the maze are four genetically modified people who are far from being human anymore and are now known as Felines. In order to "Win" the maze, you must kill one feline or kill a specified number of competitors. The criminals, however, are sp…

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  • ChaoZStrider

    Okay, everyone and their cat has done a QnA blog post so fuck it, Lucas and I are doing one. For each question, you will be getting 2 answers. 1 from me, and 1 from Lucas but, before you have to ask a question, you have to answer this one question. What do you think of me as a mod?

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  • ChaoZStrider

    I don't know what it is with me lately but it seems I can't do anything right...I am going to be on and off again the next while but...don't expect a bright and cheery me...don't expect the usual joking and what not...some facades are better left for when they can help and pretending to be okay won't fix it. I feel broken. I feel weak. I feel like a failure. I don't know why and I can't explain why.

    This isn't a cry for help, this isn't seeking attention. This is simply letting you know I am not my usual self.

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  • ChaoZStrider

                                                                              Magic Branches Breakdown

    Number of Branches from Base type






    Branch 1





    Branch 2





    Congrats, you have been inducted into a school for people with the ability to control the basic elements of the world and their branch types. Please, fill out the following form so we can know best where to place you.




    Magic Type:


    Medical History:



    (Note, this is for you to design a character for the school, not your actual information, just incase you didn't figure that out already)

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  • ChaoZStrider

    Okay, so as most of you may know, I currently lack a precious thing in my home known as wifi. I am currently sitting on a bench in my local mall to use their wifi to post this and my school is rather....unintelligent and has this site blocked.

    I currently have no idea when I will get my wifi back and with only 19 week days left of school and excuses to go to the mall left, I have a little bit of a fear I will become even more inactive. However, I am doing the best I can to remedy the situation.

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