• Channon1

    Creepy Postal 2

    September 7, 2012 by Channon1

    I was searching the internet for ages trying to get a perfect copy of Postal 2, having already played the game I got a new computer as the last one broke so I get the game me and my brother is stocked about sitting down playing this epic game I was playing till 11:45pm I finally got to friday so I decided to snipe a couple of people on my way to the post office at the end of the game I burned the remains obviously, after that I hear a strange moaning noise coming from one of the burned bodies I then suddenly heard a load NO! the game crashed.

    I was so outraged I had a rage for 5 mins as I hadn't saved since monday and the autosaved was disable soput the game down for a while and decided to get some sleep, As i slept I couldn't get the moan …

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