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  • Chambergambit

    If the narration describes something that specifically happened in the past, it should be in past tense.

    "Yesterday, I walked to school."

    However, If you want the narration to describe something as it happens to the protagonist, and as they experience it moment by moment, you can use present tense.

    "Today, I walk to school."

    Both are acceptable was to tell a story, but please take care to stick to the one you choose.

    This can be tricky when the narration is a journal or diary entry, but just remember what the character is writing about and when they experienced it. If they describe their schoolday once they arrive home, it should be in past tense.

    "Today, I walked to school."

    If they discribe the emotions they feel as they write, it should be in p…

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  • Chambergambit

    First Lines

    January 1, 2013 by Chambergambit

    I will never understand the tendency to begin a story with "My name is (name), I'm (age), and I blahblahblah." None of this is compelling, and by the end of the story it usually isn't important. I wish more stories would bring in information as it is needed instead of starting out with a huge infodump. 

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  • Chambergambit

    Of all the writing issues I come across on the site, the one that bothers me the most is the excessive use of the passive voice. Generally considered a rookie writing mistake, I realize that a lot of the writers here are young and may not actually know what they’re doing wrong. I make no claims of expertise, and I know that I’m guilty of using the passive voice in my own writing, but I try to avoid it when I can.

    What is the passive/active voice?

    The passive voice is a sentence construction where the object of an active voice sentence appears as the noun.

    Active Voice: “Brutus stabbed Caesar.”

    Passive Voice: “Caesar was stabbed by Brutus.”

    The passive voice isn’t inherently a bad thing, and can even be necessary in some contexts, but too much c…

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  • Chambergambit

    The Never Ending Pasta

    November 14, 2012 by Chambergambit

    I tried to write a quick little story just to get something out there, but now it's over 2000 words long and not even halfway done. How do people write these 500 word burts of creepiness? What are their secrets? Which comes to my real question. Which is better? A quick and creepy story to give you the shivers before you move onto the next? Or a longer tale that draws you into it's clutches and won't let go?

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  • Chambergambit

    Jo Introduces Herself

    November 12, 2012 by Chambergambit

    Hey guys, this is just a post to introduce myself. I'm Jo, and after browsing the cite for a couple days I decided to join and see if I can contribute. I prefer suspense over gore or ghosts, although I am always up for a good piece of human expirimentation. I'm currently putting together a story involving a Capgras Delusion (the delusion that a loved one has been replaced by an identical-looking impostor). If anyone knows of similar stories, or has any advice, feel free to share.

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