Congrats you're now a part of my blog, how does it feel to just be another name on a void screen constantly feeding rambling nonsense into the abyss? It must feel heavy knowing that you're wasting precious moments of your life on this screen, your life that will soon one day end along with your very existence, a life that in the end wont really have any impact on this world at all. The world after your death will continue going on as if nothing ever happened... and to it nothing did.

You also waste time during sleep, in all that time you sleep years are collected like shells on a beach and plucked from your life, the sad part is, is that you can't live without it, and so you're stuck cruelly and amusingly being robed of years of your life along with all that time spent on this screen. With all that time the average person could get a doctorates degree and still have time to spare, yet that time is inevitably taken from you, and there's not a thing anyone, including you will ever do about it.

It must be saddening to relies life is shorter then that short little time you already thought it was, and the scary part is, is that its even shorter than that. Have you ever noticed how the years just seem to keep going by faster and faster? Well that's because in perspective of how much time, or what percentage of time out of your existence it is, its getting shorter and shorter. You see in your first year of life one year is 100% of the time you've existed, so one year literally seems like a life time to you, well by the next year its down to 50% then 33.33% and so on till what were originally days in your first year of your life seem every bit as long as the years slipping through your fingers like sand, and then you'll shrivel up and die, cold, pointless, and possibly alone. This is the weight of death that pushes down on the infinitely short mortal lives of humans, and it shall live with us for all of time, because unlike your seemingly pointless lives human damnation is endless.

I'm back... --Cartoon Reaper (talk) 14:25, May 2, 2015 (UTC)