• Carlos the freak

    Help me...

    December 15, 2013 by Carlos the freak

    ok im telling this whole story, i was normally fplaying on my psx resident evil 2 and i finished it but one of my friends sent me this message telling me "help me..." i though something was wrong but i dint pay attention so does a week later passes by.

                        A week later i found out my friend suicided... i was so nervous if that would happen to me, I saw a dis case on my friend's hand when i grabbed it from the crime scene i got out with the disc. When i got home i opened the disc case and there was one of my lost and childhood games "Crash Bandicoot" i quickly went down stairs booted up my game and started playing... just something dint seem normal the music was reversed low pitched and when crash was running into the title s…

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