I'm pretty sure all the writers out there have experienced a series of criticism on their stories or even gave their own take on it. However, the thing I just can't stand is when people can't understand that it's meant to help them with their stories, not completely shatter their spirits on their stories. I've been reading a lot of comments pertaining to a certain story and the author is acting like he or she is having a heart attack after seeing the comments. The thing that gets me the most is that the commenters aren't being rude or vulgar about the story. All they're doing is pointing out some mistakes and giving ideas on how to make the story more enticing to read. I'm working on Creepypasta stories and I actually want people to criticize my work. I'm Russian and I may have made a few errors and I would love someone to point it out for me so I can learn and improve. A true story writer sees constructive criticism as a ticket to improve and even obtain new ideas for future stories, not as an insult to their work. If you're just going to complain about someone trying to help you with your story, then I seriously don't believe you're ready to write on Creepypasta and you should be restricted from posting stories if you show incompetence about understanding this concept. Out of curiosity, I want to know about what you guys think on this subject. Also, please tell me if I made any grammatical errors anywhere in this blog. Thanks for reading.