I really don't know how I stumbled upon this site. I have known what creepypastas were for a long time and I have stumbled on a few but never read them as I was admittedly too scared to get into that stuff. This summer I really got into the BEN story. It scared the living shit out of me. I watched the videos numerous times and reread the story a lot of times too. I did a lot of research to get other sides of the story. I think that's what got me into Creepypasta. It's not sadistic or anything, but it's the best written Creepypasta (in my humble opinion) but it's still damn creepy. I've tried out my theory and it works, if you didn't grow up playing the game you might not find it creepy at all. It just proves you have to connect your audience to the pasta you're writing.

Finally about two weeks ago I found this place (I might have Googled it since I knew there would be a Creepypasta site somewhere) and read Candle Cove. That's probably my second favorite as it's well written and just messed up. Its one of the rare pastas that gets scarier and more intense the more you think about it and the more you look into it. The static thing blew my mind. After that like a good little boy I read the front page and checked out suggested reading. Squidward's Suicide was next, and it still haunts me to this day. I try not to picture the dead children in my head, or Squidward's eyes and sad expression before he ended his life. It's probably the most sadistic pasta I have ever read. Some Facebook user said and I quote, "Whoever wrote this should get their mental health checked."

Since then I've read a few of the meme and well known pastas and some other random ones too. I refuse to watch any videos. I'm more of a visual reader and I like making up my own image in my head of what stuff looked like and junk like that. Also they'd probably scare me shitless. On the vadility of certain pastas I am not certain, but I don't hate pastas if they're real or fake, as they are entertaining and messed up nonetheless. Some of this shit though I think people can't make up, but then again there are sick people on the Internet. I really hope some of them are fake.

So recently I've just been reading more pastas and desensitizing myself slowly, one weird story at a time. Some of the pictures I can't stand to look at and I can't get out of my head. Pictures really get me. Well, until next time.