Though I do find some stories on this website disturbing, I tolerate them and soon laugh at how they can be preceived as cheesy. Two days ago, one story, unfortunately, almost prevented me from visiting this website ever again. The story was, ironically, the most popular story on this site: Squidward's Suicide.

My reaction was much like the people watching the cartoon in the story. It started out normal, then it got plain creepy. I kept reading on, even as it got slightly depressing. Then came the children. Oh boy. The graphic description of the pictures made me cringe. Never before had a short story made me so uncomfortable. The image of Squidward's bleeding eyes was piling upon the dead boy description. I skipped over about three long paragraphs to the part where Hillenburg comes in. Squidward shoots himself, and it ends with (what else?) a dead girl that was graphically described. I just got of there after that sentence.

If you read my stories, you might think I'm being hypocritical. In my recent "MySims Prequel," I had a broken-up body buried under dirt. At least I didn't go into further detail. What's most disturbing about this page? It has videos of the cartoon. R U SERIOUS?!

All I can say is, though I'm a fan and happy member of Creepypasta Wiki, I wish I could erase Squidward's Suicide from my memory so I can still retain my loyalty to this site.