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My Two Days as a Member

Pasta Power! #1:

Today, I finally finished my story, "How I Met a Terrible Fate." It was too late to change the title to "How I Met with a Terrible Fate," because Cheese Lord already discovered it and edited it. That's basically an approval rating.

I signed up for Creepypasta Wiki not just because I wanted to share my story, but because it's an excellent Wiki. The stories are very engaging and superb. Some are even so bad , it's good, like the story of the gruesome Star Fox 64 cartridge. I lost it at Peppy's dying words being, "Do a barrel roll."

My only complaint is that some people think gore equals scary. Sure, I put gore into "Terrible Fate," but in some ways, it's kinda spoofing the writers who think gore equals scary.


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