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  • Cannonfodder64

    I haven't made a creepypasta, blog post, or edit to Creepypasta Wiki in 3 months. But now, I'm back. And I have a creepy story.

    I currently have had my own YouTube account since January called "SpaghettiBicycle." It mainly consists of YouTube Poops, GoAnimate videos, and whatever I feel like putting on. To my surprise, I have 8 subscribers and over 7,000 total views, including a video with over 1,100 views. But there is one video on my channel that I believe is cursed: "Caillou Cries for 3 Minutes."

    It has at least 600 views as of now, and it's probably one of the worst videos I've made. It has barely audible sound, but if you know what Caillou is, that's probably a good thing! It consists of Caillou having one of his trademark temper tantru…

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  • Cannonfodder64

    Though I do find some stories on this website disturbing, I tolerate them and soon laugh at how they can be preceived as cheesy. Two days ago, one story, unfortunately, almost prevented me from visiting this website ever again. The story was, ironically, the most popular story on this site: Squidward's Suicide.

    My reaction was much like the people watching the cartoon in the story. It started out normal, then it got plain creepy. I kept reading on, even as it got slightly depressing. Then came the children. Oh boy. The graphic description of the pictures made me cringe. Never before had a short story made me so uncomfortable. The image of Squidward's bleeding eyes was piling upon the dead boy description. I skipped over about three long par…

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  • Cannonfodder64

    Pasta Power! #1:

    Today, I finally finished my story, "How I Met a Terrible Fate." It was too late to change the title to "How I Met with a Terrible Fate," because Cheese Lord already discovered it and edited it. That's basically an approval rating.

    I signed up for Creepypasta Wiki not just because I wanted to share my story, but because it's an excellent Wiki. The stories are very engaging and superb. Some are even so bad , it's good, like the story of the gruesome Star Fox 64 cartridge. I lost it at Peppy's dying words being, "Do a barrel roll."

    My only complaint is that some people think gore equals scary. Sure, I put gore into "Terrible Fate," but in some ways, it's kinda spoofing the writers who think gore equals scary.


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