As a story writer, I love to write stories. (Obviously). One of the many genres I love to write are action but I do like Horror. That's why I signed up to this website, to post short stories that endure readers with a sense of terror. One of the first stories I wrote on here, was banned for "cliche" which is stupid. People don't ban movies like Nightmare On Elm Street because they're too "cliche". The horror genre strives on taking a known cliche for example Ghosts that live in one house and give it a twist. That's why when my first story was banned I gave up on this wiki instantly. I wish I could find the strength to go "oh that's fine" but I can't. If anyone knows of a way a story isn't a "cliché" please tell me.

Also thanks for reading. I hope this doesn't get banned for "spam" or "hate" because it's just free-speech.