Hey everyone, I just wanted to tell everyone what my plans are for the future and to also share my work thus far.

These are the pastas I have made so far, be sure to read and comment if you can!

The Ombra

The Last Piece

Lucid Mystery

Bedtime Stalker

You Are in a Room

And here are my future plans!

  1. These are being made at the moment and will be released in the coming weeks/months (Note: These five creepypastas are collectively called "PHASE 2"
  • Isolation Tank Story - A man finds out he is not alone while in an Isolation Tank - Coming by August 18, 2013
  • "The Followers of Ombra" - This story further expands The Ombra's mythos and incorporates cults - Coming by August 23, 2013
  • The Nintendo World Champiosnhips Curse - The unknown horror of a mysterious Nintendo World Championship Cart that is constantly sold from person to person - Coming sometime in September
  • "A Trip to the Catacombs" - Students look around the catacombs underneath their college campus - Coming by September 4, 2013
  • Collab with some mystery people! - It's tentative title is "The Ombra Chronicles" and will made by Khdog, Flaky, Yourmama, and myself! - Coming SOON!

2.   These are planned for release at some point in the future

  • "The Final Ghost Hunt" - An amateur ghost hunt goes awry.
  • "A Game of Manhunt" - Kids playing a game of Manhunt
  • "The Long Walk" - Creepypasta Poem about the long walk a man takes to his execution chamber. His inner demons manifest into the guards and other prisoners that watch him march.
  • "Midnight Sleep Paralysis"
  • "The Forbidden Path"
  • Sequel to Lucid Mystery
  • "Your Future"
  • Bermuda Triangle Story
  • Story where a man realizes everything is slowly disappearing

Thanks everyone for reading and have a good one!