Basic Summary of Blog

   The point I am trying to get at in this blog is that I am starting anew. I have just created this account and is interested in creating creepypastas as I have just finished reading the "How to Create a Creepypasta" article off of the main page. I do have a few ideas, but I figure I might need some editors. I also am in need of a choice to start out by making creepypastas with SOME EFFORT to see how my creativity serves on the wiki, or make a team in which we create a "company" in which we make creepypastas together. This is Possibly a start to my future gaming company to succeed my dream.


Please input your ideas in the comments if you want me to see how my creativity serves on the wiki. I have not seen my creativity to it's full potential just yet.


Tell me if you want to be an editor of mine. If you choose weather or not you want to become part of my "company" or not. 


If any staff believes that these actions should not be performed, then please ask me to remove the post and I will be happy to remove it and continue making creepypastas independently. (I am more of a racing game type of guy than a horror, but I figured I should start somewhere)