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July 3, 2012
  • CM Your Face

    Herobrine again?

    July 5, 2012 by CM Your Face

    OK look i was at the nether on minecraft again nothing blew up but there was a stair way with blocks floating heres a pic

    ok i couldnt get the pic on here but this is what it looked like it was a 3x3 stair way in the nether filled with lava and fire ok now i am realy getting creeped out if anyone knows what it is please tell me i think is is Herobrine

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  • CM Your Face

    Lochness Monster

    July 5, 2012 by CM Your Face

    OK so the herobrine thing didnt go well but it was real.....

    The lochness monster is a myth that there is a monster in a lake ever sience one guy said there was a large creatcher in the lake people have been saying thay saw IT ok i dont know why i did that

    i thing the lochness monster is fake the people just want to become famous and most of them have.for me thats realing stuped because people have no idea how it was created witch for me means thats it is not real we have no proof

    Look i know alot of peple are going to say I am stuped but i will take that i want you to tell me what u think

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  • CM Your Face

    Look alot of people think herobrine is real but alot of people think HE isnt. ok i dont have a pic or vid but i was playing tekkit and i went to the nether and when i was mining nether ore i heard hissing like a creeper and i was blown up was it herobrine? im not going to say to much because THEY can read other web sites there will be more of this later but not now so buckle your selves in

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