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so ive been wondering for a while now.

what the fuck. THE FUCK. I have been doing nothing but soild work. for the past three days. and what do I get from that? a coupon to an old reseraunt. I hate going out in public, and besides, this crappy thig is way past its day.

I have also been having.. really bad nightmares recently.. about being fired, really. it may sound ok, but work is, well.. the only thing that keeps me sane. I mean, my house has been trashed by local punks, and my car.. has compleatly fucked me over. I have been bike riding to work.. or just send work through email. I usually get paid alot, but my boss had a mid life crisis... and things slowly went down hill. my girlfriend dumped me.. cheating slut. I HAD TO MOVE OUT OF MY HOUSE!! yes, it was that bad.. that house I had been saving up for as long as I can remeber.. and then i all just became to much.

I'm starting to here strange noises at night.. its a struggle to keep sane.. i have to stay focused.. i.. have to know what I'm dealng wih..I havn't slept in a week.. I'm so tierd. I see him standing in my dor way.. with wide, curious eyes.. twinkling in the moonshine.. I miss him, sometimes. even though he wants to kill me. I dont know who he is.. but here is a man.. namless, for the time. who stands out side of my door. and he stands there, justmumbling things to me.. then he puts his finger yo his lips and.. I loose my vision.. I know i'm still awake.. but hes gone, when open my eyes.

I wonder what these are.. visits? mabey. tierd... i should sleep, inform you on recent happnings, later.

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