Alright Folks,

Im putting my other pasta ideas on hold for now, Because I had a stroke of Inspiration.

This May Be Ripping Off Something, But If It Is, I Didnt Know About It.




A group of urban terrorists, called "La Manana" are rampant in the cities of America.

Will Cleaver, a 15 year old, is in his 4th period Biology Class when a bomb is detonated. Wilford Briggins High School is torn to pieces. Seeing his best freinds torn to shreds, his girlfreind with shrapnel is her forehead, he is barely clinging to life.

Thats When He Hears A Voice.

"CoME cLOSER wiLL..."

" i wOnt LeT yOU dIE..."

Will wakes up in St. Margarets Hospital, nearly dead, surrounded by Lovers and surviving freinds.

The Voice speaking to him. it sounds like its...behind him. One Day he gains enough strength to turn his head. The Voice has been his shadow. When he was dying, a demon, named Ecks, Possessed his shadow, giving him enough strength to live. And he will give him enough strength to finish off La Manana....

For A Price.