C0balt Crusade

aka Filthy Console Pleb

  • I live in New England
  • I was born on November 27
  • My occupation is Part time sorta not really mumblemumble Artist.
  • I am Male(!)
  • C0balt Crusade

    Hey all,

    I had an Idea for a contest/challenge.

    The winner will recieve a ruffling of hair, rustling of jimmies, or severe virtual GLOMPing.


    I want you to write a quality, solid pasta, one that is scary or paranoia making.

    Here's the catch:

    NO ONE in the ENITRE STORY can be HURT or KILLED. No background charachters or ANYTHING. No Implied death either.

    When you finish your story, send it via email to

    Have fun noodling this one through!


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  • C0balt Crusade

    New Pasta Series(?)

    January 18, 2013 by C0balt Crusade

    Alright Folks,

    Im putting my other pasta ideas on hold for now, Because I had a stroke of Inspiration.

    This May Be Ripping Off Something, But If It Is, I Didnt Know About It.



    A group of urban terrorists, called "La Manana" are rampant in the cities of America.

    Will Cleaver, a 15 year old, is in his 4th period Biology Class when a bomb is detonated. Wilford Briggins High School is torn to pieces. Seeing his best freinds torn to shreds, his girlfreind with shrapnel is her forehead, he is barely clinging to life.

    Thats When He Hears A Voice.

    "CoME cLOSER wiLL..."

    " i wOnt LeT yOU dIE..."

    Will wakes up in St. Margarets Hospital, nearly dead, surrounded by Lovers and surviving freinds.

    The Voice speaking to him. it sounds like its...behind him…

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  • C0balt Crusade

    What Terrifies You?

    January 14, 2013 by C0balt Crusade

    So, over my extensive research of having common knowledege, people are scared by VERY different things. Some of these things are translated well into media. Some fears arent. Usually insanity is translated well into literature (like creepypasta, No shit) while lesser felt fears, Like hemophobia (fear of blood) may make less people feel scared, meaning they are less opportune to exploit.

    But anyway, What Scares You? I need inspiration for pastas anyway.

    See you off the flipside,


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  • C0balt Crusade

    P45T4 T1M3!!!

    January 9, 2013 by C0balt Crusade

    So Guys

    I have taken it upon myself to make a pasta.

    Not just any pasta.

    A full on, Several page long, Meisterwerke pasta.

    The idea was a bit cliched, but then a couple of folks in chat gave me some ideas.

    Should be done innnn...

    maybe a week or two.


    Check it out when its done-


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  • C0balt Crusade

    So. This is the end of the year?

    It went too fast.




    For Knishmas i received a Bamboo Capture Drawing Tablet, so my stuff in da MSP should be better.

    ....I hope.

    I also received far cry 3 for knishmas. God Damn is it fun.


    Thats all i know


    Whats that over there?

    • GTFOs*
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