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Bugeeman February 13, 2014 User blog:Bugeeman

Hello wikia dwellers, how are you all? I'm new to this wikia and just love it here! It's been a few days, but I think I'll be here for a while.

Creepypastas are simply one of the most addicting things to read for me, although some misspellings, grammar mistakes, awkwardly long sentences, and misplaced punctuation irks me. 

These mistakes leech away from the story, and make it sound....fake. Internet made. 

And so I've taken it upon myself to edit and try to proofread as many pastas as I can, so others can enjoy them without frowning upon imperfect English.

It's been a fun few days being here and I've read a lot of good pastas so far! 

I've never been so happy in such a dark themed environment.

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