It's a little annoying when people treat ideas like noodles. Two minute noodles. They stuff it all in amd let the story boil into something legible. Metaphorically, of course.

I have not written any stories here yet; I guess 'scary' cramps my style let me be free~

But I think after all those short love stories and fanfictions and fantasy stories I have learnt something. Writing takes time. One really mustn't stuff their ideas into two minute noodles. It's easier to read if it's taken longer to simmer. If it's got love and thought put into it. It's hard enough to find good inspirations to be able to afford messing them up.

This isn't about anything; I just need to write about stories I've read sometimes. When you don't look at your creation a second time you get an unloved baby.

Too many metaphors. To the point, then. Have you seen the typos in my EVS book?! Of course you haven't excuse me never mind I guess I'm just so mad at the writer for making us learn from it.

PS:I hate two minute noodles. :@