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    So Medusa goes to a hair parlor because she wants a do up but they're not very experienced and ask her if they could style her hair differently instead so Medusa's just like: "Sorry, my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hon."

    Also, this:


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    1: The school-going teens facing identity issues: These teenagers take up the characters they see on TV. It's a phase, of course, but they're simply annoying. This has a couple sub-categories, actually, ripped off from Mean Girls: The girl bully and her plastics, the meaty football player (also a bully), the nerd, the girl who is actually a tomboy which should be totes cool but like nobody likes her and she keeps being bullied by the plastic and did you know she can sing really well and some handsome chap falls in love with her and what not

    -The last one is normally the main character.

    These are not idea characters in creepypastas. We all know who is going to die.

    2. The killer with a tortured past: Blegh. JTK all over again.

    3. The clueless bl…

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  • Bubblegum 366

    It's a little annoying when people treat ideas like noodles. Two minute noodles. They stuff it all in amd let the story boil into something legible. Metaphorically, of course.

    I have not written any stories here yet; I guess 'scary' cramps my style let me be free~

    But I think after all those short love stories and fanfictions and fantasy stories I have learnt something. Writing takes time. One really mustn't stuff their ideas into two minute noodles. It's easier to read if it's taken longer to simmer. If it's got love and thought put into it. It's hard enough to find good inspirations to be able to afford messing them up.

    This isn't about anything; I just need to write about stories I've read sometimes. When you don't look at your creation a s…

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