aka Allie Mann

  • I live in Ohio
  • I was born on April 17
  • My occupation is Creepin'
  • I am Female
  • BrokenTeeth


    November 2, 2011 by BrokenTeeth

    I've been trying to develop a storyline for a graphic-novel to be but I haven't had the motivation until just recently to work on it again. It's somewhat creepy material (and I've even added in the Zingaros from my story as minor, reappearing characters) and when I've finished a legitimate summary and do a bit more character development I might post bits and pieces of info to see if anyone would be interested in reading it (or helping out with it, even). I have yet to give it a title, but I want it to be something simple and/or abstract. Like a title having nothing to do with the story, I suppose, or just a simple word. I can't really ask for help with a title, given I've yet to post any information about it, but here's a few logs from a c…

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  • BrokenTeeth

    Yes! I Wrote a Pasta!

    October 27, 2011 by BrokenTeeth

    I'm not so sure it's as creepy as it could be, but at least I tried. I'm actually kind of proud of the way it turned out and I'l actually like to do a few images to go along with it. Until then though, I guess I'll just copy-pasta it from Word to here:

    It was a brisk morning in September, a breeze sweeping across the flat landscape. A young man stood outside, staring up at the dim sky. It was sometime around 5:00 am, he knew that for a fact, as the sun had just begun peeking up over the horizon. The man, sitting on an old cobblestone step, took a drag of the cigarette he held between his fingers. He kept his mouth shut and blew the vapors from his nose. It was early, and he didn’t usually wake up before the awful screech of his alarm jerked…

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  • BrokenTeeth

    Finally Doing This

    October 26, 2011 by BrokenTeeth

    Finally made an account on this Wiki. I love CreepyPasta and I really wish I had the skills to write it. I might try once or twice... Can't garuntee quality dining, though. I've got a few ideas for some pasta, but I'm not so sure I'll do anything about it. I'm more of a visual-arts person so... Perhaps I'll post some CreepyPictures? Can I... can I do that?

    Feel free to talk to me or whatever :D

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