• Brinker X

    Entry One

    August 3, 2011 by Brinker X

    Wrote 'Those Fucking Fingers' today. Mostly true. Some lies. Oh well.

    Shared it on a forum. Liked it, so I made an account on the wiki.

    I've been thinking about mirrors.

    There is a lot of fear going on with them. I don't know what to think. I like to see myself. Vanity. I like mirrors.

    Going to write a story about the woods near the college I live. Gets dark at night. Dark like I imagine a bottomless hole, or a deep cave. That kind of darkness kills.

    Reading a new play. Rio Sake. Shaun Charles. The world is ending, etc. People go crazy. Good read.

    A lot of Australian work with endtimes themes. Interesting.

    This is Brinker. Go back to sleep.

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