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    First Day

    January 29, 2012 by Brightness

    Well, this has been my first day on this Wiki. I found it by looking up information on some of my favorite Creepypastas. And then I wanted to edit some typos I had found, and decided to join it. It has been an... interesting day.

    Well, the Chat is certainly good. It includes smart, and intelligent members. I hope to become a bit more active on it in the future. And to partially learn more about some creepypastas...

    So, in general, the Chat is great..

    The articles are amazing, especially the original content. There are quite a few interesting and entertaining creepypastas here, from what I have seen.

    Well, I am a 14 Year Old Male From Michigan (United States). I don't really act 14... though. I have had quite a few mental problems for a while..…

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